Revitalizing Wellness: Insightful Interview with Lifestyle & Longevity Coach Giovanni

In the world of health and personal growth, few professionals are as dedicated as Giovanni Cuguttu, a former dentist turned Lifestyle & Longevity Coach.

Giovanni brings a unique blend of passion for sports, music, and well-being to his coaching practice. In this exclusive interview, Giovanni shares insights into his journey, the transformative power of lifestyle changes, and practical tips for anyone looking to improve their life.

Giovanni Cuguttu’s Interview on Revitalizing Wellness:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and what you do?

My name is Giovanni Cuguttu. I hail from the picturesque island of Sardinia, specifically Sassari. After a career in dentistry, I shifted gears to become a Lifestyle & Longevity Coach. I’m passionate about guiding others to optimize their health and extend their lives through smart, everyday choices.

Beyond coaching, I manage a football team that recently clinched a championship in the Third Category. Music also plays a vital role in my life; I love rocking out on the electric guitar with my band, where we play our favorite heavy metal covers.

2) What does a Lifestyle Coach do, and what motivated you to pursue this career?

As a Lifestyle Coach, I serve as a crucial guide who helps individuals enhance their overall quality of life by focusing on health, longevity, and performance. This involves fostering healthy habits concerning diet, physical training, and mental well-being. Drawing from my near-decade experience as a dentist, I transitioned into a Lifestyle & Longevity Coach to broaden the scope of my health promotion efforts.

Rather than focusing solely on oral health, I now offer comprehensive support that covers all aspects of wellness. This holistic approach is vital for improving performance, achieving full potential, and preventing chronic diseases that can impair our quality of life over both the short and long term.

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3) What is the Ongaro Method?

Developed by Filippo and Sonja Ongaro, the Ongaro Method is a pioneering personal growth system inspired by their work with astronauts and elite military personnel. It blends advanced medical insights with cutting-edge neurobiology to form a comprehensive approach to health that addresses physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being.

I chose to get certified in the Method because, as a healthcare professional, I appreciated the scientific foundation of the content and the holistic approach to individual health, which considers not only physical aspects but also embraces emotional, mental, and social aspects, allowing me to offer comprehensive and integrated support to my clients.

4) Can you explain the key components of this method?

The Ongaro Method focuses on four pillars: nutrition, nutraceuticals (supplements), physical training, and inner work. These pillars are geared towards influencing epigenetics, which means they help our bodies turn certain genes on or off based on our lifestyles.

Depending on the choices we make in these four foundations, we send specific signals to our body, determining responses and adaptations that influence gene expression: thus, our lifestyle decides our future.

This represents a significant step forward in scientific research, as until a few years ago, too much credit (or blame) was given to our genetic heritage, ignoring the power of our daily habits in determining the activation and suppression of “good” and “bad” genes.

5) What has been your greatest challenge as a Lifestyle Coach, and which achievement are you most proud of?

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge I faced was leaving behind my career as a Dentist, a well-established and economically secure profession, to venture into a new path as a Lifestyle Coach.

This transition was a leap into the unknown, requiring both courage and determination. I was able to overcome this challenge with the unwavering support of my loved ones and a firm belief in my ability to make a meaningful impact on the lives of my clients.

The achievement I’m most proud of is successfully establishing my own business, which has greatly enhanced my personal health, serenity, and happiness. Every time I help a client make positive changes, I view it as a success.

Witnessing the progress and transformation of my clients is immensely fulfilling and constantly reaffirms that changing my career path was the best decision of my life.

6) What practical advice do you regularly offer to help clients start making positive lifestyle changes?

First and foremost, I emphasize the importance of proper dietary education. It’s essential to view food not only as a source of pleasure but as fuel for our daily activities. Understanding how to select various food qualities and constructing balanced, healthy meals is key.

Additionally, we explore techniques for managing stress and optimizing time, which are vital for making room for physical activity—this is crucial in combating the aging process. Among the most beneficial activities, I often recommend meditation and journal writing to my clients.

These practices increase self-awareness, help manage thoughts, and enhance self-knowledge, playing a critical role in overall well-being.

7) How do you approach diet and nutrition, and what myths do you find yourself debunking?

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving tangible results across all areas of health. We often find ourselves in an environment filled with foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients, which can leave our bodies deficient in essential substances needed for optimal functioning.

I often discuss with my coachees, many of whom are focused on calorie counting, that calories are merely a measure of energy. The true impact comes from the quality of the food, similar to how the quality of fuel affects an engine’s performance.

We also focus on recognizing the quality of foods—identifying which ones are genuinely healthy and which to avoid. This starts with a careful examination of food labels, which can sometimes be misleading, making unhealthy options appear beneficial.

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8) What are your keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term?

The fundamental key to successful change is understanding why one wants to change. Once the “what” is clear, the “how” naturally becomes more straightforward to establish.

Another crucial element is setting achievable goals without succumbing to unrealistic expectations, which can lead to frustration and low self-esteem. It’s equally important to acknowledge and accept the natural phases of stagnation or regression back into old habits.

Analyzing these episodes and developing strategies to overcome them not only builds resilience but also equips us with skills that are beneficial for future challenges. In my experience, noticing the first signs of improvement—in energy levels, satisfaction, and serenity—fosters motivation.

This motivation is vital for maintaining good habits over the long term and continuously fuels the desire for personal growth.

9) Do you incorporate sustainability into your coaching?

Absolutely. I actively integrate concepts of sustainability into my coaching strategies. I believe that adopting a more conscious lifestyle not only elevates the quality of life for individuals but also enhances the well-being of our planet and community.

By encouraging the consumption of seasonal, organic produce sourced from zero-kilometer farms, we can reduce transportation-related pollution and bolster local economies.

Additionally, I urge my coachees to find fulfillment in personal growth, emotional well-being, and cultivating meaningful relationships rather than in materialistic pursuits.

Embracing a sustainable lifestyle not only benefits individual well-being but also exerts a positive influence on society and the environment. This approach fosters a balanced, value-centered pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment.

10) Any final thoughts for those considering a healthier lifestyle?

The most crucial advice I offer is to avoid short-term fixes that inevitably lead back to old, unhealthy habits. This is especially common with restrictive diets that may initially cause weight loss but often result in regaining the lost weight, and sometimes even more.

A similar pattern occurs with the surge in gym memberships each spring, as people rush to prepare for the “swimsuit test,” hoping that a few months of exercise will offset a year of inactivity. Without a long-term commitment to lifestyle change, lasting results are rare.

My goal as a Lifestyle & Longevity Coach is to help people understand that achieving optimal health and well-being is not a one-time goal but a continuous journey of self-improvement. This approach allows individuals to fully appreciate the capabilities and beauty of their body and lead a fulfilling life marked by better health and happiness.

Thank You, Giovanni!

Conclusion on Revitalizing Wellness:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Giovanni Cuguttu for taking the time to share his valuable insights and experiences with us.

His dedication to fostering healthier, more sustainable lifestyles is not only inspiring but a beacon for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

For those intrigued by Giovanni’s holistic approach and wish to learn more or engage with his work, you can follow him through his various platforms.

Visit his website at, connect with him on Instagram at giovannicuguttu, or network via LinkedIn at Giovanni Cuguttu. Join Giovanni in his journey towards enhancing well-being and discover how you too can lead a healthier, more fulfilled life.