Unveiling the Expat Experience: Pedro Roese’s interview

Join us as we exploring the expat experience interview discovering the journey of Pedro Roese, a brazilian expat whose life story is a mosaic of professional achievement, cultural exploration, and personal evolution. Born in the south of Brazil, in Novo Hamburgo-RS, and now thriving in the vibrant community of Pensacola, Florida, Pedro’s narrative transcends borders and challenges.

Now 29, Pedro embodies the spirit of an expatriate who’s not just traversed geographical boundaries but also navigated the complexities of adapting to a new culture while maintaining his roots. His impressive transition from a Brazilian tennis prodigy to a renowned figure in the U.S. tennis scene, including winning two NCAA DII National Championships, is nothing short of inspiring.

In this interview, Pedro opens up about the intricacies of his expat life, reflecting on the profound changes, the contrasts between his Brazilian upbringing and his American experiences, and his unceasing connection to his homeland.

His story is rich with insights into the expat journey, filled with both the exhilaration of new experiences and the nostalgia for familiar comforts.

Pedro’s experiences provide invaluable perspectives for anyone contemplating an expat life or grappling with the challenges of living abroad. His journey is a testament to adaptability, perseverance, and the unyielding pursuit of one’s dreams in a foreign land.

 Hi Pedro, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Could you tell us what motivated you to make this significant life change? 

Hello everyone! The pleasure is mine! So I come from a Tennis family, where my dad was ranked in the top 100 ATP for both singles and doubles… so it was hard not to follow that same path.

I played tennis my whole life and when I was about 17 years old me and my family made the decision to come to the US to play under scholarship at the University of West Florida. We made this decision looking for great education as well as trying to keep the dream of playing tennis as a career alive.

I wanted to experience new things and staying in Brazil doing what I wanted to do was just not possible for us financially, that is when the opportunity to study and play came up. During my time as a student athlete, I was lucky enough to win 2 NCAA DII National Championships playing for the Argonauts from 2013 until 2017. 

expat experience interview Pedro Roese

Have there been any significant changes in your life following this expat decision? 

Absolutely. My life changed drastically from day 1, where I arrived in the US not knowing what to expect, not knowing anyone, and not perfectly speaking the language. I had to learn how to do everything by myself and had to overcome the challenges that came up on a daily basis.

 I had full support from my family and they would try and help me however they could from afar, but at the end of the day I had to figure out things on my own if I wanted to “grow up”. It changed my personality and it made me mature faster, which I did not see it as a problem but as an opportunity to become better.

What differences do you find between living in Brazil and in the USA? And how often do you go back home, and how do you feel each time? 

Brazil is great and I love it there, but I find everything done easier here in the US. If you are an overachiever, opportunities will knock on your door constantly and if you grab it, it will be hard not to succeed. As far as what I remember and see in Brazil things are always more complicated than they should be.

“O jeitinho Brasileiro” (“Brazilian ways”)  ends up making more damage than not. I find things just flowing a bit easier in the US and that allows me to plan ahead of time and achieve my goals following that plan, I do not see it being that simple in Brazil.

I find it very difficult to plan your life in Brazil, due to politics among other things, it is just hard to get things started and running smoothly. However, every time I go back to Brazil (I try it once a year, but that is not always possible) I find it hard to leave… I love every second of it, the people, the food, the culture. Going to Brazil on vacation is a completely different story than making a living over there.

And What do you miss the most about Brazil? 

I miss my friends, my family, and just the way of life. In the US things are very work oriented and it is just difficult to socialize like we do it in Brazil. The Sunday barbecue or that weekly dinner with your friends are things we do not do it as often here. I miss the warmth and how people are always willing to go out for happy hour… Brazilians are more welcoming than Americans.

We’re curious: what are your future plans?

I met my wife (Valeria) in college, where she was also on the tennis team. We got married in 2022 and we are starting our lives together. I opened my own tennis and pickleball academy, Pensacola Tennis & Pickle, in 2018 and it is going strong to this day.

We plan on continuing growing the business, making more successful each year. We plan to grow as a couple and as a family, always trying to embrace the American culture, but never losing our own.  

expat experience interview Pedro Roese

Let’s close on a high note: what advice would you give to someone who would like to make a courageous choice like yours? 

My advice is to always plan things ahead of time. Make sure that you know exactly what you want and when you do, don’t stop until you achieve it. It is scary to take such a big step, but the rewards could be just as big. Understand that there will be bumps along the way, do not be mad when difficult situations arise, these bumps are simply opportunities to make you stronger. Having a family that fully supports your decision is extremely important, after all they will be your safe haven. 

Pedro’s journey is more than a personal success story; it’s an inspiration to all of us who dream of crossing borders and exploring new horizons.

His experiences remind us that while the expat journey can be challenging, it is also immensely rewarding, full of opportunities for growth, learning, and personal fulfilment.

Expat experience interview to Pedro Roese

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Pedro for sharing his inspiring story with us and our readers. His journey as an expat serves as a beacon of inspiration, showing us the possibilities that await when we step out of our comfort zones and embrace the world.

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