Raw Vegan Lifestyle: Enrico Leonardi’s Health Journey

In a world where health and lifestyle choices are becoming increasingly central to our conversations, the journey towards a holistic and sustainable way of living is both intriguing and inspiring. Today, we are privileged to share the story of Enrico Leonardi, a remarkable individual who, through his personal health challenges, has embraced a raw vegan lifestyle with profound results.

Enrico’s journey is not just about food; it’s a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of informed choices, and the undeniable impact of lifestyle changes on our well-being. Join us as Enrico generously opens up about his path from battling Crohn’s Disease to discovering a new lease on life through dietary transformation and beyond.

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Hi Enrico, tell us about yourself, where you come from, what you do in life, and how long you’ve been a raw vegan!

My name is Enrico Leonardi, and I live in Torvaianica, in the province of Rome, 300 meters from the sea. I am 58 years old and own a beauty salon. I became a raw vegan at the age of 35, motivated by health reasons due to a specific condition: Crohn’s Disease.

For several years, I was in and out of hospitals, even trying experimental drugs, but without improvement; in fact, my condition was getting worse. Then, a surgeon presented me with the only option left: to remove my entire intestine and use an ostomy bag. It was traumatic! At 34, I was no longer afraid of dying, but the idea of having to wear an ostomy bag terrified me. So, I started researching and, at the university, I met some vegetarians and was fortunate enough to meet Valdo Vaccaro.

He advised me to eliminate all medications and, gradually, all animal proteins, as well as to avoid processed foods, canned goods, sugars, salt, dairy, and refined flours. Following this advice, I began to recover. About six months later, I understood what diet to follow, thanks to reading his various papers. And incredibly, after a year, my health issues were completely resolved!

Do you feel better since you started this dietary journey?

Yes, certainly. As I mentioned, it’s been 23 years without needing any medication! Meanwhile, I’ve delved into studying human physiological functions, do sports every morning at dawn, meditate in the evening, and have learned that fasting on water alone is crucial for quickly recovering from any ailment.

Was there any food that was hard for you to eliminate from your diet?

When you’re at your last resort, it’s not hard to give up what you need to. It’s like cigarettes: I quit them overnight. And I did the same with everything else…

Are there still many stereotypes associated with this choice?

Yes, of course. I only discuss it with those who know me and are curious. Naturally, I’m considered the nuisance of the family, but interestingly, some of my family members, including doctors, even ask me for advice!

Can you describe a typical day for you? What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

In summary, my typical day starts with coming back from my morning run, followed by a juice made from apples, carrots, pineapples, and ginger. Around 10:00 AM, I eat a fruit of my choice and a dozen almonds.

At 12:30 PM, I usually eat fruit and occasionally raw vegetables, which are present in my evening meal… In the afternoon, I opt for a juice, extract, or whole fruit. For dinner, I generally consume 200 grams of raw vegetables with a conservatively cooked second course, and before going to bed, I drink a natural herbal tea.

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How do you handle birthdays, dinners with friends, and eating out?

Today, my relatives and friends are not offended if I bring my own food; on the contrary, they appreciate it because otherwise, they wouldn’t know where to start! In restaurants, I request raw and cooked vegetables and usually don’t encounter any problems.

Besides diet, has this change impacted other aspects of your life?

Absolutely! Regarding clothing, I try to be as non-consumerist as possible. When buying new clothes, I not only make sure they are free from animal origins but also pay attention to the materials and yarns, which can be very polluting and toxic to the skin.

As for shoes, I no longer buy rubber ones because, by undertaking this path, you begin to understand issues that most people generally ignore.

It’s understood that we also strive to live with a minimal environmental impact: we’ve stopped shopping at supermarkets in favor of buying directly from the trusted farmer, we grow a garden, and lead a simple, quiet life, trying to enjoy each day to the fullest.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for those considering this path?

I don’t consider myself an expert, however, I always advise those who wish to embark on this journey to seek information from the right sources and to think independently. It’s essential to get informed by the right people and think autonomously to find the path that best suits one’s needs and beliefs.

Thank you, Enrico!

Enrico’s raw vegan lifestyle journey

Enrico’s story about his raw vegan lifestyle is a vivid reminder of how individual choices can lead to transformative health outcomes and a deeper connection with the world around us.

His journey from the depths of chronic illness to vibrant health illuminates the possibilities that lie in embracing a raw vegan lifestyle, not only as a means of healing but as a gateway to living with minimal environmental impact.

Enrico’s experiences offer invaluable insights into the power of diet, the significance of sustainable living practices, and the importance of pursuing a life in harmony with nature.

We are incredibly grateful to Enrico Leonardi for sharing his inspiring journey with us. His openness and willingness to discuss his path, challenges, and victories offer hope and motivation to many who may be facing similar struggles or contemplating similar lifestyle changes.

Thank you, Enrico, for your time and for reminding us of the profound impact that personal health decisions can have on our lives and the planet. Your story is a beacon of inspiration, encouraging us all to think more deeply about the choices we make every day.