Stefania Ciocconi’s Nomadic and Vegan Life Interview

In today’s constantly evolving world, the concept of freedom and personal choice plays an increasingly central role in many people’s lives. Stefania Ciocconi, a 53-year-old woman from La Spezia, perfectly embodies this spirit through her unique and inspiring lifestyle.

After leaving a permanent job, Stefania reinvented herself as a blogger and digital nomad, exploring the world and sharing her adventures through trekking and travel, maintaining a work-life balance thanks to her laptop.

The core of her life philosophy lies in her dietary choice: veganism. Choosing to live as a vegan for about ten years, after thirty years of vegetarianism, Stefania has fully embraced the freedom this choice entails.

Being vegan doesn’t just mean eliminating animal products from one’s diet, but adopting a holistic approach that considers the well-being of animals, environmental impact, and personal health.

In the following interview, Stefania shares not only the practical details of her vegan diet but also the challenges and satisfactions that this lifestyle entails.

From the difficulty of eliminating certain foods to the nutritional richness of a plant-based diet, she guides us through her personal experience, debunking myths and providing valuable advice for those who might consider a similar change.

What emerges is a portrait of a woman who has chosen the freedom to live in harmony with her values, demonstrating that it’s possible to find balance and joy in a lifestyle that respects both ourselves and the world around us.

Stefania’s story is an invitation to reflect on the power of our daily choices and the impact they can have on our lives and the lives of others.

Nomadic and Vegan Life Interview

Nomadic and Vegan Life Interview

Hi Stefania! It’s a pleasure to talk with you… Can you tell us how long you have been vegan? And was there any food that you found hard to eliminate?

Hello everyone! I have been following a vegetarian diet for thirty years, and for about a decade now, I have switched to a vegan diet. Imagine, I really loved aged cheeses and shellfish… so this was the most complicated part for me!

How can you be sure of following a balanced regime by eliminating so many foods from your diet?

I see it from a different perspective. Nature offers a vast choice of foods, including cereals, legumes, vegetables, and fruits, so you can make combinations every day to balance proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The only deficiency that might affect someone following a vegan diet is vitamin B12, which can be supplemented daily.

Are there still many stereotypes associated with this kind of choice?

In Italy, it’s hard to see the suffering of farm animals which seem like second-class compared to pets that receive a lot of attention. When you reveal that you follow a vegan diet, you are seen as strange, while wanting to feed only on what the plant world offers should be praised.

Do you feel better since you started this dietary journey?

I feel better because I do not contribute to the suffering of farm animals.

Besides nutrition, has this change impacted other aspects of your life?

This choice slightly impacts family relationships, as we eat different dishes at the table, and with romantic relationships as not everyone is open to accepting this choice.

Since I travel a lot, being vegan sometimes means having to give up tasting typical specialties, but this is a secondary aspect that does not make me regret my choice.

What methods, techniques, stratagems, or tools help you maintain this lifestyle?

When you go shopping, you must read every label well because unsuspecting foods hide animal derivatives, like lard. Especially when traveling and tasting unknown dishes, it can be difficult, especially in countries where it’s hard to make oneself understood.

What are the joys of living according to this style?

Following a vegan diet feels good because you do not feed on animals that have every right to live freely. I like to see them in their natural habitat, so I’m delighted when I participate in a photo safari.

How have you changed since you started living this way?

Being vegan makes me feel aware that all of us can do something for our planet and the creatures that inhabit it, starting with eliminating the suffering of animals. They were not born to end up on our plate but to live freely.

Nomadic and Vegan Life Interview

Would you like to give some suggestions and advice to those who are thinking of embarking on this path?

I can advise to inform oneself about which nutrients should be present every day on the table and how to avoid possible deficiencies.

Being followed by a nutritionist at the beginning of the journey helps to understand how to combine foods and to suggest tests to monitor one’s health. However, this should be done by everyone.


As we come to the end of this enlightening interview with Stefania Ciocconi, we cannot help but feel inspired and perhaps even a bit challenged by her lifestyle and choices.

From the quiet shores of La Spezia to the rugged paths of her trekking journeys, Stefania has led us on a journey that goes far beyond mere geography. Her path shows us how a lifestyle choice, like veganism, can be not only an act of love towards the planet and its inhabitants but also a source of personal well-being and freedom.

The impact of veganism on Stefania’s life is tangible in every aspect: from health to conscience, from social life to professional. Her words resonate deeply, offering a rich and balanced perspective on what it means to live ethically and consciously.

Her story is a living testimony that change starts from small steps, from daily decisions that can transform into a powerful movement for the good of our planet and ourselves.

We sincerely thank Stefania Ciocconi for sharing her story and valuable insights with us. Her journey, experiences, and wisdom are a source of inspiration for anyone considering embarking on a similar path or simply wanting to learn more about a vegan and digital nomad lifestyle.

For those interested in following Stefania’s adventures and advice more closely, or contacting her for further insights and inspiration, you can find Stefania on her website and social media:

In conclusion, Stefania’s example invites us to reflect on the power of our daily choices and the many forms that freedom can take. Whether it’s about exploring new horizons, adopting a conscious dietary regime, or reinventing one’s professional path, Stefania’s story is a clear reminder that change, adventure, and growth are always within reach.