Journey of an Expat: Romulo’s Adventure from Brazil to Australia

Welcome to our latest feature, where we dive into the inspiring journey of expats ( today with this remarkable “Adventure from Brazil to Australia”): people who have dared to step out of their comfort zones and embrace a life filled with adventure, challenges, and profound personal growth.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Romulo Scheva, a vibrant soul hailing from the serene town of Arroio Grande in southern Brazil. Romulo’s story is not just about changing geographical locations; it’s a testament to the transformative power of embracing new cultures, professions, and philosophies.

Join us as we unravel Romulo’s captivating narrative, from his roots in Brazil to his current life in Byron Bay, Australia, and the myriad of experiences that have shaped him into the person he is today. This is a story of courage, resilience, and the endless pursuit of happiness.

Romulo Scheva interview (adventure from Brazil to Australia)

Hi Romulo, introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello everyone! So, I’m Romulo Scheva, I was born in a little town in the southern part of Brazil called Arroio Grande.

My father is a retired judge, so we moved a lot throughout that period of my life. I’m 35 years old at the moment, and I’m living in Byron Bay, Australia.

I’m in Brazil right now visiting my family and enjoying this time back in the place where I grew up. It’s been an important time to reconnect with myself, but in a few months’ time, I’m back to Australia.

adventure from Brazil to Australia

What motivated you to make this significant life change?

Initially, my motivation was to learn English and have this life experience outside my environment. After some months living a completely different lifestyle, I decided to start planning my permanent migration to Australia.

I reckon, as a Brazilian, that safety is a major issue for us. Migrating to a safe country like Australia was a good choice.

Have there been any significant changes in your life following this decision?

Oh yeah, so many! Firstly, professional changes. I’m a lawyer in Brazil, but I never enjoyed working with law and all the dispute. In Australia, as an immigrant, I had many different jobs such as waiter, pizza maker, cleaner, working in construction, and lately as a social worker.

Not only professionally, but in my personality. In Australia, we have a laid-back culture with people minding their own business. I felt that I could be more like my true self and less like what society was expecting from me, like in Brazil. That mentality drove me to be happier and more satisfied with what I’ve become.

What differences do you find between living in your home country and in Australia?

So many differences! Beginning with safety, as I mentioned before. Secondly, in Australia, there’s a huge beach culture, which is great for me as I love surfing.

In Australia, people are very connected to nature, so we’re always outside looking for something to do. Hiking, kayaking, surfing, bike riding, bird watching, camping… I love this culture of being out.

Even when we go out for a drink or two, in Australia, things start early and finish early too, so we can enjoy the next day without major concerns.

Moreover, in Australia, there are more job opportunities too, and the minimum wages are high, so there are good possibilities in most areas.

This professional freedom is amazing because it allows me to try different roles around society. As we get well paid, there’s an overall lack of misery in society, and the happiness levels are higher. People are more chill, happy, and respectful.

How often do you go back home, and how do you feel each time?

Every single time is different. The last time I came to Brazil was in 2018, and before that, it was 2015. It wasn’t very easy to come back home when I wanted because there are visa renewals, Uni to pay, and then we got COVID. Now that I have my Permanent Residency, I intend to come home more often.

As I said before, every time is different! My nephews are bigger and wiser, my parents are older, and I get so much love from everybody. It’s always great to be in my home country. It’s not easy to live without them.

It makes me think a lot every time that I’m here with them, like reconsidering my decision to live abroad. But it’s very hard to earn good money in Brazil and have a balanced life between work and leisure time.

What do you miss the most about Brazil?

As I said before, definitely my family. The food in Brazil is amazing too, but that feeling of ordering a beer on the beach, nibbling on some shrimps, fish, and cheese… This is amazing. In Australia, we don’t have beach kiosks like that.

The resilience of Brazilian people is also admirable. A lot of poverty, lack of governance, lack of opportunities, and people are still smiling, dancing, and enjoying life with so little sometimes.

What are your future plans?

Wow, this is the hardest one 😅 When I was younger, I used to have everything planned, and everything went on a different track. Nowadays, I like to let life guide me to wherever I should be.

It’s a process of trusting that I’ll be guided to the right path, and that was how I got my Permanent Residency in Australia. I made a lot of plans, and they didn’t work out. When I started going with the flow, everything fell into the right place.

So yeah, not many plans right now in my adventure from Brazil to Australia. Keep doing my job as a social worker, helping unfortunate kids, making money, traveling around the world, and saving up for when the time to retire arrives.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to make a courageous choice like yours?

Just go for it! Who knows what life reserves for you??? Incredible things happen when we trust the process and allow the universe to guide us.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s the acknowledgment of danger but still having what it takes to take the next step.

One thing that I learn is that this courage is rewarded with great achievements. Just go for it. Fear separates us from our purpose.

Don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t do it. Just go there and learn how strong we are, how great our achievements can be. Greatness is only achieved by the courageous.

Thank You, Romulo!

Closing up this adventure from Brazil to Australia with Romulo

As our conversation with Romulo comes to a close, we can’t help but feel inspired by the wealth of experiences and wisdom he has shared with us talking about his adventure from Brazil to Australia.

Romulo’s journey is a vivid reminder of the beauty that lies in stepping out of our comfort zones and the incredible growth that awaits us when we do. We are profoundly grateful to Romulo for opening up about his expat life’s adventures, the challenges he’s overcome, and the joy he’s found in the simple pleasures of his new home in Australia.

For those who have been moved by Romulo’s story and wish to keep up with his ongoing adventures, we invite you to follow him on Instagram at @romi.less. There, you’ll find a window into his world, filled with inspiring moments, breathtaking landscapes, and the day-to-day experiences that continue to shape his extraordinary journey.

Thank you, Romulo, for reminding us of the courage it takes to pursue our dreams and the rewards that come with being true to ourselves. Your story is a beacon of hope and an invitation to all of us to explore the vast, beautiful world around us with open hearts and minds.