Ludmilla Dolgova: Embracing Vitality Through Raw Food Lifestyle – Exclusive Interview

In today’s society, where the quest for a healthier lifestyle is more prominent than ever, the concept of raw food is gaining attention. This dietary choice involves consuming unprocessed, plant-based foods that have not been heated above a certain temperature, to preserve their nutritional integrity and natural enzymes.

It’s a lifestyle that challenges conventional eating habits and promises numerous health benefits, from improved digestion to a lower risk of chronic diseases. We had the pleasure of speaking with Ludmilla Dolgova, a dedicated raw foodist with over a decade of experience, who shared her transformative journey with us.

Her story is not just about food; it’s a testament to the power of dietary choices on our overall well-being. Ludmilla’s insights into the raw food lifestyle offer a fascinating glimpse into a way of living that prioritizes health, vitality, and connection to nature.

Ludmilla Dolgova ’s interview

Hi Ludmilla, tell us more about you: who you are, where you come from, what you do in life, and how long you have been a raw foodist!

Hello! My name is Ludmilla Dolgova, I was born in Russia, have been living in Italy for 30 years, and I’m Italian citizen. I am 51 years old and have been following a vegan-raw food diet for 11 years, with minor deviations (cheating occasionally) towards cheese or fish only in the first 5-6 years.

Currently, these ‘cheats’ have almost disappeared, remaining with just a small tasting in restaurants where they don’t have salads, and I have to resort to eating cooked vegetables.

As for my profession, I have always worked in the Russian tourism sector, but now, with the decrease in Russian tourist flow, I am at a standstill.

raw food interview

Can you explain how you became a raw foodist? And was there any food item you struggled to eliminate from your diet?

After reading Arnold Ehret’s ‘The Mucusless Diet Healing System,’ I wanted to experiment with a new life and was amazed by the changes my body began to perceive. However, giving up meat and pasta was very challenging.

But I noticed a miraculous transformation in my mind and body. Since then, I realized that was the right path for me. All the chronic diseases I had disappeared: varicose veins, gastritis, acne, wrinkles, cellulite, and most importantly, on a psychological level, I became much calmer and happier than before.

I am convinced that flour-based foods and an excess of animal proteins produce mucus residues (a principle explained in the book mentioned earlier), clogging our body and preventing its normal functions.

How do you ensure you’re following a balanced regimen by eliminating all cookable foods from your diet?

The assurance of getting the necessary nutrients for my body’s proper functioning comes from the results I see when I get my blood tests done! That’s the proof!

Are there still many stereotypes associated with raw foodists?

The stereotypes are numerous! Imagine being thought of as crazy, being told I would end up anorexic… But I let those beliefs slide off me.

I became younger, brighter, more in shape. Of course, if I have to be honest, it was very hard, but seeing how well I was doing, I never wanted to go back to my previous life.

The hardest moments were in restaurants, with friends eating steak and tortellini with ham while I was in front of a plate of lettuce!

How do you choose your meals? Does the menu vary from season to season?

Yes, I eat according to the season… everything raw in summer. In winter, I add cabbage soups (cooked) because with the cold, you crave something warm in your stomach!

Where do you get inspiration for your meals? Tell us about one of your favorite dishes!

I find recipes on the Internet, and my favorite meal is salads with avocado in various variations.

Just to finish up: Do you feel better since you started this lifestyle?

Definitely, as mentioned earlier, all the chronic diseases I had disappeared, and psychologically, I am much calmer and happier. It has been a miraculous transformation!

Thank You, Ludmilla!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ludmilla Dolgova for her generosity in sharing her journey and insights into the raw food lifestyle with us.

Her story is a compelling reminder of how profoundly our dietary choices can impact our health, well-being, and even our outlook on life.

Ludmilla’s experience as a raw foodist illuminates the challenges and rewards of adopting such a lifestyle, offering valuable perspectives for anyone considering a similar path.

Her transition from a conventional diet to one that is deeply connected with nature and health highlights the potential for personal growth and healing.

For those intrigued by Ludmilla’s story and the principles of raw foodism, her journey underscores the importance of education, experimentation, and patience.

The raw food lifestyle is not merely a diet but a holistic approach to living that embraces the richness of unprocessed, plant-based foods. It’s a path that demands dedication and mindfulness but promises significant rewards in return.

As we conclude this interview, we hope that Ludmilla’s experiences and insights serve as an inspiration for others contemplating this life path.

May her story encourage you to explore new dietary horizons and discover a way of eating that resonates with your body and spirit. Thank you, Ludmilla, for enlightening us with your story, and may your journey inspire others to consider the transformative power of food in their lives.