Nature’s Bounty: Raw Living Foods Lifestyle of Jacky and Mimi

Welcome to an inspiring dialogue with Jacky and Mimi, two former high-level athletes whose quest for peak physical performance led them down an extraordinary path of discovery and transformation to the raw living food lifestyle.

Founders of RawAdventure and My Jack, this dynamic duo has revolutionized their lives through the power of living foods and a profound connection to nature.

In this exclusive interview, they share their inspiring story, shedding light on the raw dietary journey that not only enhanced their athletic performance but also reshaped their entire approach to health and vitality.

Join us as we explore their philosophy, daily practices, and the powerful impact of their lifestyle choices on personal well-being and environmental consciousness.

Jacky and Mimi’s interview on living food

#1 Hi Mimi and Jacky! Nice to meet you. Can you tell us a little bit about your stories?

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Jacky and Mimi. We created RawAdventure and My Jack, our two brands. Initially, we were high-level athletes specializing in adventure racing. We have also competed in many other high-level sports disciplines. We changed our lifestyle to stay highly performant, and through this, we discovered a new, more natural way of living that truly optimized our performance.

Now, we strive to share this method, the Road Adventure method, to help others optimize their performance as well. In our daily lives, we run a vitality center in Tenerife where we organize in-person training sessions lasting one or two weeks. We also host conferences and a festival gathering 100 to 200 people.

Additionally, we offer many online courses, coaching, and various activities to spread our vision of vitality.

We have been high-level athletes for 20 years and changed our lifestyle 13 years ago to a completely different approach focused on respecting the body, health, and vitality. 

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#2 Why did you decide to embark on this raw dietary journey?

We decided to embark on this raw dietary journey because one of our sponsors often talked to us about products that were highly effective because they were raw. He repeated this many times, and eventually, we decided to look into what raw products really meant. We then discovered a whole new world, a new way of eating based on raw, or rather, living foods.

I believe that the concept of living food is the most important because it brings all the energy. We started to change our diet, to test it, and to observe the effects on our bodies. The effects were significant, especially in terms of performance, recovery, and training.

Our primary reason for this change was to stay performant. We were competing at a very high level and began experiencing minor sports injuries. Since our life was our passion, we wanted to continue and maintain this lifestyle. So, it was truly for the sake of performance that we changed our way of eating.

#3 Is there any food that you have had more difficulty eliminating from your diet?

For me, the most difficult food to eliminate was potatoes. Potatoes were something that really attracted me; they were filling and, in some way, comforting. They gave me a sense of being full and satisfied.

However, I had to retrain my body to understand that being “full” is not the sensation we should aim for. That sensation is an old feeling of difficult digestion and heaviness because after eating a large plate of potatoes, I felt more like taking a nap than going for a run.

Gradually, I began to experience different sensations. After meals, I didn’t feel full to the brim. This new sensation was incredibly pleasant and gave a sense of freedom.

However, it’s true that for several years, I occasionally went back to eating potatoes. These instances were rare but they were due to emotional and affective memories, as well as the memory of the bacteria inside my body that reminded me of what I used to eat.

The important thing to understand is that our bodies have emotional and affective memories, as well as microbial memories, that draw us back to familiar foods. The more we cleanse our bodies, the more they react negatively to non-physiological foods.

Gradually, my body began to reject potatoes. When I ate them, they clogged my nose, made me snore at night, and left me more breathless and tired.

This journey was very interesting, and I found that these addictions can dissipate quite quickly with proper cleansing.

#4 Are there still many stereotypes associated with this type of choice? 

The funniest thing about changing our diet, in terms of how others perceive it, is that when we say we are frugivores, people think we just eat apples, pears, bananas, and salad, and that’s it.

In reality, I believe society is far from understanding the variety that exists in a living food diet. The variety of fruits and vegetables is truly extraordinary. This variety also drives us to travel and discover new fruits and vegetables.

We have also established a training program for plant-based, living, raw cuisine. In this program, we have reinvented classic dishes to create living and raw versions. It’s true that people don’t expect us to be able to make lasagna, crepes, pizzas, or other traditional dishes in a raw, health-focused manner.

We aim to provide different information to dispel these stereotypes, to show that our diet is not just about eating grass and apples.

#5 Can you tell us about a typical day for you?

A typical day of eating for us starts with intermittent fasting. For us, it’s the most natural way to allow the body and digestive system to rest in the morning, helping to eliminate waste. Around noon or 1 PM, we begin our day with a juice, not a fruit juice, but a vegetable juice with seawater to mineralize our bodies.

Next, we move on to either very juicy fruits, especially in the summer when we are more active, or less juicy fruits if we are feeling very hungry and want to feel satiated. This happens around 1 PM.

Then, around 5 or 6 PM, we have our second meal. If we are very hungry, we might have more fruits. However, if we crave something savory, we go for a preparation based on leafy vegetables and non-sweet fruits like cucumbers, zucchinis, bell peppers, and so on.

This is a typical day for us. We don’t prioritize specific fruits; instead, we choose the fruit that calls to us and feels right for our body at that moment. We really listen to our bodies, and we believe that is the most important thing.

living foods - Jacky and Mimi, two former high-level athletes whose quest for peak physical performance led them to discover the raw living food lifestyle.

#6 How do you manage birthdays, dinners with friends, eating out?

When it comes to eating out, we have several techniques. When people come to our place, we are the hosts, so we prepare what we usually eat. This includes fruits and vegetables, and we might make a raw living lasagna or a vegetable-based paella. We try to recreate a dish using raw fruits and vegetables … we create a raw living food recipes course to help people in their diet transition.

When we go to a restaurant with friends, we typically eat our fruits beforehand to avoid arriving hungry and starving. At the restaurant, we then opt for a salad, vegetables, or whatever suitable options are available. We are not very picky.

If we encounter an unexpected situation, we look for a vegan-friendly restaurant. If there is nothing suitable, we adapt to what is available at the restaurant, but there are usually salads or similar options. Afterward, we might have a little something like fruits to satisfy ourselves.

It’s quite simple; we try not to stress too much about it. We don’t need to eat cooked food because our bodies don’t crave it. It just requires a bit of planning sometimes, but it’s really very easy to manage.

#7 We noticed that you have a lot of projects and do a lot of amazing things around the world! can you tell us about your latest adventures?

Indeed, our projects span many different areas. We are passionate about developing various initiatives to empower individuals to take control of their lives and vitality.

Autonomy is a key focus for us. We have created numerous YouTube videos to provide this access and developed many training programs to teach people how to achieve vitality, detoxify the body, and optimize performance using principles and methods from all over the world.

Currently, we are translating these programs into English to reach a broader audience.

At our home base, we have optimized our Vitality and Detox retreat. Participants experience a radical life change as they feel their energy return through body cleansing and regeneration, which they find incredibly rejuvenating. We also have a specialized program for athletes focused on performance optimization.

One of our exciting upcoming projects is the Raw-Adventure Festival, which will take place in France this June. This festival aims to reach more people at once and introduce them to our world.

In terms of more atypical projects, we are currently in Korea. Here, our entire Raw Adventure method is being translated into Korean to be developed within the country. This is part of our 2024 adventure, expanding internationally.

We have also received interest from China, and Myriam already conducts many sessions in India. We are in discussions with Indonesia and plan to start new retreats in various hotels in Italy by the end of the year.

Our goal is to spread our message and connect with people from all walks of life around the globe.

raw living foods - 
raw food - raw vegan diet - sattvic food - tamasic food - mediterranean diet - carnivore diet - ultra processed food - macrobiotic diet

#8 Besides diet, has this change impacted other aspects of your life?

Absolutely, changing our lifestyle and diet has influenced many aspects of our lives. Initially, the increased energy allowed us to rejuvenate, and over time, it enabled us to deeply cleanse our bodies of toxins. This detoxification process extends beyond the physical; it also cleanses emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. As we began to reconnect with ourselves, we found ourselves more connected to nature.

This connection to nature inspired our project “Race to Green the Desert.” Our aim is to help the environment by replanting trees, especially fruit trees. We have purchased several forests around the world to support this initiative.

Additionally, we have become more attuned to animal welfare. The idea of consuming animals is now inconceivable to us; it feels as wrong as eating another human. We believe that all beings on the planet, both animals and plants, are interconnected and should support one another.

This shift in perspective led us to relocate to Tenerife, where we turned a barren desert into a thriving fruit forest. We created our living space from scratch, and now we live sustainably, harvesting our own fruits. We strive to have minimal impact on the environment, aiming for maximum self-sufficiency and a natural lifestyle.

Many people notice that we travel a lot. While we acknowledge the impact of travel, we feel it is necessary to spread our message and meet people globally. We balance this by implementing many positive initiatives.

In terms of cosmetics, we adhere to the principle that what we put on our skin should be safe enough to eat. This simplifies our choices, as we use only natural, edible ingredients, eliminating the need for animal testing.

For clothing, we aim to return to natural textiles, avoiding synthetic materials that are harmful to the body and block its energy. Our goal is to embrace natural living in every possible way.

#9 Would you like to give some tips and advice to those who are thinking of embarking on this path?

Of course, we’d love to offer some advice on how to change your life, be happier, and love life more. For us, this should be the goal for everyone.

The first thing to understand is that changing your life and habits is a long-term commitment, not a temporary fix. It needs to be a source of joy, not stress.

Take it step by step, and don’t expect to change everything overnight. It might take weeks, months, or even years, and that’s perfectly fine. The key is to keep moving forward and gradually incorporate new habits into your life.

Our first piece of advice is to give your body energy and minerals to support this change. The foundation should be fruits and vegetables, complemented by seawater, which we are big advocates of. This combination will provide a lot of energy to your body.

Once your body has enough energy, it will naturally start detoxifying. During this detox phase, it’s crucial to support your body because it’s likely fatigued, and its elimination organs might be a bit clogged. Helping your body through this phase is essential.

The next phase is regeneration. After the body has been through detox, it needs time to regenerate. This can be achieved through fasting, which is very important. While it’s unrealistic to expect to completely detoxify your body, the goal is to get as close to your best self as possible. Aim to become much more performant and be content with that progress.

Once you’ve eliminated most toxins, you’ll experience better energy sensations, improved communication with others, and a more relaxed state. This will significantly change your life.

Finally, it’s important to understand that your body might exhibit symptoms of healing crises or waste elimination, often mistaken for illnesses. Don’t fear these symptoms, as they are part of the journey toward vitality.

Illness helps to expel waste from the body, and your goal should be to assist your body in removing as much waste as possible. This will allow you to be more connected with yourself and your environment.

So, here’s a bit of advice: Learn, experiment, make mistakes, understand, and evolve! Listen your body and feel confident to follow it. 

Thank You, Jacky & Mimi

raw food - raw vegan diet - sattvic food - tamasic food - mediterranean diet - carnivore diet - ultra processed food - macrobiotic diet

As our conversation comes to a close, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jacky and Mimi for sharing their remarkable journey with us. Their dedication to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle is not just inspiring but a testament to the transformative power of nature and self-awareness.

For those eager to dive deeper into the principles of living foods and to explore more about their unique approach to vitality, Jacky and Mimi have curated a wealth of resources. Visit their website at for comprehensive insights and further information.

Additionally, their YouTube channel, “Raw Adventure – Vivre au Naturel,” offers a playlist of videos in English that cover fundamental topics about a healthy lifestyle, available here: Healthy Lifestyle Topics Playlist.

For daily updates and more personal interactions, follow their journey on Instagram @rawadventure_vivreaunaturel.

We thank Jacky and Mimi once again for their time and for sharing their beautiful story with us. Their experiences and insights are a valuable guide for anyone looking to enhance their health and connect more deeply with the natural world.