Freedom on the Peaks: Silvia and Davide’s Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Silvia and Davide are a couple who embraced the digital nomad lifestyle to realise their thirst for freedom and time for passions; in this interview “Freedom on the Peaks: Silvia and Davide’s Digital Nomad Lifestyle”, we learn about their unique lifestyle!

Initially tied to jobs that limited their freedom, the couple invested energy to become digital nomads, finding support and strength in each other.

They prefer to travel slowly, to enjoy the experience of living in mountainous places for extended periods. They face the challenges of travel with a positive spirit, making every moment an adventure.

Family happiness has grown as a result of this lifestyle choice!

For those who wish to embark on such a journey, Silvia and David recommend careful planning, starting gradually and experimenting slowly, following their instincts with courage.

Hi Silvia and Hi Davide, how did you decide to embark on this lifestyle?

The quick answer is that we were hungry for life! I had a steady job that led me to be away from home all day, Davide did not want to be dependent again.

The choice to become digital nomads was secondary to the need we had to have more free time for ourselves, our passions and our affections.

Certainly, however, work was a chapter of central importance to being able to make the life change, and so we decided to invest all the energy we had to make sure that our aptitudes and experiences were channeled in a direction that would allow us to be truly free.

The beautiful thing, in our case, is that it was an individual journey that was nurtured in the sharing within the couple. We both had this desire, but we both had a thousand fears: making the life change together was also our strength.

From the moment it was possible for us to leave, we set off. First among the Dolomites of Veneto, our region, and then to the Alps, pursuing our greatest passion: the mountains.

After 4 years of digital nomadism among the Italian Alps, we decided to try to export our lifestyle to Patagonia, and here we are: 4 months later, our computers in our backpacks, a log cabin, the forest outside the window.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

How was your first travel experience as digital nomads?

Our first experience as digital nomads was in Padola, in the Dolomites. It was 2020, the first lockdown had just ended, and as soon as we were given the chance to move within the region we did it: we rented a cabin in the mountains in the Comelico Dolomites.

It was a dream we had for years and I still remember the first few nights: I couldn’t sleep from excitement. The house was very cuddly, but really tiny, and yet it didn’t seem real to me that we could be so happy.

In fact, our travel style is a bit abnormal for digital nomads. We are indeed “super slow travelers”.

It may be that trekking and hiking take time, it may be that the mountains are an endless hotbed of surprises, but our stops never last less than 2-3 months.

What is the most tiring thing to deal with/prepare for during your travels?

The commute!

Our lifestyle requires us to be minimalist, but each time packing backpacks, jamming them into the car and setting off again is a drama.

It certainly takes a lot of adaptability, too, because of the conditions you find yourself living in: of course, it’s never like being at home, with your own comforts, and what may be okay for a weekend may not necessarily be easy to endure for long periods.

Have there been any significant changes in your family as a result of this lifestyle choice?

We have felt really Happy.

How do you choose your travel stops and upcoming destinations?

In a variety of ways: sometimes it is our community on Instagram that recommends our next destination, sometimes we get inspired by a topographical map, but it has also happened that we find the house first and then figure out where the place was.

We have only 3 requirements: that the house is in the mountains (preferably in a small hamlet), that it gets good internet signal (better if there is wi-fi), and that there are so many trips out the door that we can’t exhaust them all!

Digital Nomad Lifestyle - Davide e Silvia's journey

Can you tell us a funny anecdote that happened to you during one of your trips?

We don’t have a funny anecdote… because every moment of our lifestyle is open to laughter! It’s kind of part of the learning curve, if we can call it that, of each new stage.

Every two or three months there is loading the car, making the trip, settling into the new house, alternating between work and trekking–easy.

Instead, each time you find out that you forgot a key item, that something is not working in the new house, that it is not the right season to be in that valley.

Nothing tragic, in fact. Managers would say problem solving, psychologists stress managament…

And so, one time we found ourselves in a rather churched little apartment in the heart of a town half-deserted for the winter.

We were looking for a wooden spoon to cook with, but the only thing available was a drip pan (yeah). So old, this pan, that at the first turn of the sauce, Davide broke its handle, rendering it unserviceable.

And nothing: we still remember the scene, and how for a month we cooked with regular dishes!

What advice would you like to give to a family or someone wishing to make a similar journey and embark on this lifestyle?

To plan well for the leap and to start slowly. So many people tell us they would like to live our life, but very few are willing to make our sacrifices.

I always recommend starting with the job aspect: to travel and work you have to have a job that you can do remotely.

There are companies that hire full remotely and there is the VAT route: for this second choice, it is important to be clear about the job framework in which you want to fit (plan B included).

Second, I definitely recommend traveling slowly to give yourself time to get used to new places, discover and integrate with people (the social aspect is also very important).

And then, once you get the picture clear: jump in!

There is no other way to know if you will make it and if you will like it: at some point you have to rely on your instincts and try.

Thank you, Silvia and Davide!

Silvia and David issue a bold invitation to follow their dreams and embark on the digital nomad lifestyle with determination.

Their story inspires to embrace freedom, passion, and adventure, finding in mutual support the strength to overcome any challenge.

With a smile, they conclude the interview by urging anyone who wishes to live a more authentic and fulfilling life to carefully plan their path, enjoy every moment and let their instincts guide them.

Their experience is an encouragement to follow one’s dreams and discover the world with an open heart and free spirit.

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