Wandering Roots: A Family’s Journey into Van Life and Beyond

Join us on an inspiring journey into Van Life and Beyond, the world of full-time RV living with Lauren and Aaron, a family of four who traded their suburban lifestyle for the freedom of the open road.

In this interview “Wandering Roots: A Family’s Journey into Van Life and Beyond”, they share their motivations for choosing RV life, their unforgettable experiences on the road, and the profound impact it has had on their family dynamics.

From their first nerve-wracking RV adventure to their adventures in Mexico, Lauren and Aaron offer insights into the challenges and satisfactions of life on wheels.

Learn how they manage homeschooling while traveling, their unique approach to choosing destinations, and their upcoming European adventure.

Also, don’t miss their hilarious anecdotes and valuable advice for anyone considering a lifestyle change.

Whether you dream of hitting the road or are simply looking for inspiration for your next family adventure, this interview is sure to ignite your wanderlust!

Wandering Roots: A Family's Journey into Van Life and Beyond


Tell us a bit about your family, your life and what led you to make this lifestyle choice!

We are a family of four who left our sticks and bricks home in the Atlanta area back in 2018 in search of an experience that we hoped would bring us closer together and reignite our love for all things outdoors.

It did just that- and more!

We had become increasingly busy with regular life type things and our kids were growing apart at ages 5 and 7 and we realised we had less and less time for the things that we truly loved, like hiking and biking, as our family time was becoming less and less.

We had no RV experience, but had seen few families on Instagram doing it and we thought it would be a great way to reconnect as a family and go one some adventures.

What was your first van life travel experience?

Our first RV experience was the day we pulled away from our home and set off for full time travel! We had done some research and figured we’d figure it out along the way.

Our first destination was Gulf Shores, AL and we spent a week there, enjoying our nene lifestyle of fun and adventure!

Tell us more about the off grid home and you experience about it!

Sometimes we stay in RV parks and other times we boondock, which is not having any hookups at all! Actually we boondock all winter each year in Mexico and love it.

We use solar power and take trips to the water store in town, having out water bladder filled and then pumping it into our RV when needed.

We have a guy with a honey truck come and dump our black tank and we use our great water to water our plants!

It’s challenging but we love it.

What do you deal with when you are on the road? And how do you do for school for your children?

Our kids use several online programs for homeschooling, and we learn about the places we go, utilizing programs such as the Junior Ranger programs in National Parks to learn even more.

What is the most exhausting thing to deal with/prepare for during your travels?

I wouldn’t call any of it exhausting- making reservations well in advance can be a lot of work, but we are staying places more seasonally now, making that easier.

Planning our route takes some time, but I truly enjoy it so it doesn’t feel like work!

Have there been any significant changes in your family as a result of this life choice of this Van Life and Beyond?

Yes, We have definitely grown closer due to our Van lifestyle.

I’m so grateful that we made this choice because we are an active part of our kids’ daily lives in a big way, making incredible memories that we will treasure for a lifetime. We have also become a lot more resourceful.

Plans change, things go wrong, and we have learned to just adapt when necessary and think outside the box in many situations!

How do you choose your travel stops and the next destinations?

We have a list pf places we want to see, favorite spots we enjoy revisiting, and then always take into account where our friends will be.

We make a point to either travel with friends or meet up with them as much as possible.

What is your next destination and the one you dream of reaching sooner or later?

We are actually putting the RV in storage in a few weeks and flying to Europe; we will spend several months in Portugual and see some other countries as well.

We still want to take an RV trip up through Canada and Alaska! It’s been on our bucket list for a while.

Van Life and Beyond - Family Lifestyle

Can you tell us a funny anecdote that happened to your family during one of your travels?

My husband, Aaron, has a twin brother who was also RVing full time for a while and on multiple occasions he ran into someone in a campground who knew us and thought that he was Aaron.

He was accused of ignoring people, being short with people and overall rudeness- until they realized it wasn’t Aaron at all and that he didn’t have a clue who they were!

What advice would you like to give to a family or someone who would like to take a similar journey and embark on this lifestyle?

Do your research, (I wrote a book that helps people plan and prepare for this):

https://www.thewanderpreneurs.com/store/ and go for it!

It’s so worth it. It’s a leap of faith to step outside your comfort zone and do it, but so worth it.

Thank you Lauren and Aaron!

As we conclude our conversation with Lauren and Aaron, their story serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing adventure and seeking connection in the great outdoors.

Their journey from suburban life to full-time RV living is a reminder that sometimes, stepping outside our comfort zones can lead to the most fulfilling experiences.

From navigating off-grid living to cherishing unexpected encounters on the road, their family’s resilience and resourcefulness shine through.

As they embark on their next chapter in Europe and dream of future adventures, their advice resonates with anyone yearning to embark on a similar journey: do your research, take the leap, and savor every moment of the ride.

If you want to follow their adventures, you can follow them on their social media @the.wanderpreneurs!

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