Healing and Change: Sandro Tancioni’s Inspiring Shift to Vegan Lifestyle

Welcome to another enlightening conversation on LifestyleMind. Today, we delve into the life-changing journey of Sandro Tancioni, a 58-year-old mechanic from Rome, who embraced vegan lifestyle under life-altering circumstances.

Sandro’s story is particularly compelling as he navigates this transformation alongside his partner, Laura Ceccarelli, whose own vegan journey we previously explored.

As Laura’s partner, Sandro’s perspective enriches our understanding of how supportive relationships can enhance personal health and ethical transformations. For those interested in Laura’s experiences and insights, be sure to revisit her interview here.

Sandro Tancioni’s Interview

Hi Sandro, nice to meet you. First of all: Introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello everybody! My name is Sandro Tancioni, I am 58 years old, from Rome, and I work as a mechanic.

We know you have a very particular story to share! Can you tell us about your transition to a vegan lifestyle?

My transition to a vegan diet was a significant change in my life, which began on the day I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. My wife, who was already vegan, understood the importance of a plant-based diet not only for general health but also as support in fighting cancer.

As a result, I swiftly switched to a completely different dietary regimen. It wasn’t just about eliminating meat, but also dairy and even pasta, which was my favorite dish. This is because tumors can exploit sugars, and carbohydrates are converted into sugars.

Therefore, I started incorporating grains like millet, couscous, buckwheat, barley, and spelt into my diet. During this transformation, my wife removed meat and fish from our kitchen, replacing them with legume-based dishes.

Soy was also excluded due to my medical condition. Everything was prepared at home, including bread made from whole, unrefined flours, using ancient grains stone-ground.

Once a week, she would use these flours to make me a pizza topped with fresh vegetables. In the winter, our family focuses on preparing dishes with broccoli, known for their anti-cancer properties.

I also discovered the benefits of seeds, which I had not known before and continue to consume regularly today. This drastic change was adopted without hesitation, relying completely on my wife and the advice of vegan nutritionists we consulted.

sandro tancioni

What were the first changes you noticed when you became vegan?

One of the first transformations I noticed upon adopting a vegan diet was a significant weight loss, about 24 pounds (11 kg) in just one month.

Initially, the prospect of change had frightened me, but contrary to my expectations, I began to feel better almost immediately.

This sense of well-being comforted and motivated me to continue on my new dietary path, confirming that I was making the right choice for my health.

Was there any food that was particularly hard to eliminate?

Actually, I didn’t find it particularly difficult to eliminate any food from my diet. Thanks to the effort and creativity of my wife, I had the opportunity to savor different and tasty dishes every day.

The variety of flavors and the quality of the meals made the transition to a completely vegan diet surprisingly pleasant and without significant sacrifices.

Indeed, we know you have a wife who is an excellent vegan cook! What is your favorite dish?

It’s really hard for me to choose a favorite dish since my wife is an excellent cook and surprises me every day with something new and delicious.

Each meal is a work of art, both visually and palatably. Her ability to transform simple ingredients into extraordinary dishes makes every dinner a unique experience, which is why I cannot single out one dish as my favorite.

Besides diet, has this change impacted other aspects of your life?

This change in my diet hasn’t significantly impacted other aspects of my life, mainly because I’ve always avoided purchasing leather or other animal-based products. Thus, the transition to a vegan diet was more of an alignment than a change in my consumption choices.

sandro tancioni

We know you are a vegan family (the kids are vegetarian) but they are moving towards veganism. Did a nutritionist follow you to find the right balance?

Yes, we involved a nutritionist to ensure a balanced diet for our children as they gradually transition from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. With two young children, we wanted to be sure not to make any mistakes. The nutritionist provided reassurance and support, confirming that this diet could be followed safely.

Do you feel better since you decided to live a healthier life?

Absolutely, I feel much better since I chose to adopt a healthier lifestyle. As my partner also observed, there’s a feeling of being clean both inside and out, accompanied by a clear conscience for not having consumed any animal-derived products.

It’s similar to the well-being one experiences after quitting smoking: not only do you not want to return to previous habits, but you also become sensitive to associated odors, such as the smell of meat.

Would you like to offer any tips or advice to those considering this path?

I would truly recommend to everyone to try adopting a vegan lifestyle, even to those who still believe that consuming meat is necessary for proper nutrition. Try it for a month; I am convinced that many will not want to go back, both for ethical reasons regarding animals and for personal benefits. I firmly believe that the future is vegan. 💚

Thank You, Sandro!

We thank Sandro Tancioni for taking the time to share his profound journey with us. His experiences highlight not only the health benefits of a vegan diet but also the profound impact that personal relationships and familial support can have on maintaining and enjoying such a lifestyle. For a closer look into their culinary adventures, follow his wife on Instagram at Laura Ceccarelli.

Sandro’s story serves as an inspiration for those considering a similar path and underscores the power of dietary choices in influencing health and wellness.